Nowadays there are different aspects regarding the issue of instrument reprocessing and practice organization: the patient’s need for hygienic practice and treatment conditions, as well as different country-specific laws or policies.

Last but not least, the quality assurance and efficiency of a practice through time and cost savings also play an important role.

stoma® offers a selected range of    

  • p.i.c.®-trays   
  • p.i.c.®-containers

Thanks to the modular design of these trays and containers, products from all areas, such as diagnostics, conserving treatment, endodontics, periodontology, surgery, implantology and osteosynthesis can be put together for an efficient way of working.

Accessories such as clear-view sterile packaging, burr holder, accessory box, paper labels, safety seals, etc. complete the range around the instrument organization.

For more information about stoma-p.i.c.® (protected instrument concept) please refer to our product brands.

stoma®. With passion for perfection.