stoma p.i.c.

stoma p.i.c.®

Protecting organization concept.

Especially developed for your protection, as well as that of your workforce and instruments, the stoma p.i.c.® represents economic preparation and efficient application.

The ‚Protected Instrument Concept‘ module lends backup support for the entire instrument circulatory process, with its trays, containers and accessories, for the sterile storage and optimum availability of instruments. The concept ensures perfectly coordinated organization and preparation, to the highest safety standards, with surveyability, cleansing efficiency and functionality.

Make use of the benefits of the stoma® p.i.c.®-trays:

  • Protection: Secure hold of the instruments in the trays, thus no risk of injury for personnel and sterile storage in accordance with the current hygiene guide lines.

  • Documentation: Traceability for treatment processes, for example log cards for the customs file.

  • Saving of time: Efficient instrument preparation.

  • Saving of costs: Working hours can be used more efficiently.

  • Modular structure: Perfectly matched and expandable organization and processing system, that can be individually desgined to suit your needs.

  • Clearly arranged: The appropriate instruments are organized for each treatment.