After surgery, the right choice of needle or thread is crucial for optimal wound closure. stoma® offers a suitable atraumatic suture (needle-suture combination), also in an absorbable finish, for every indication and for all types of suture techniques in the areas of periodontal surgery, implantology and oral surgery.

The classic silk multifilament materials of stoma®-silk and stoma®-fil are used for extractions (including wisdom teeth), apicoectomy and for solid tissues such as the palate. Alternatively there is the stoma®-supramid: pseudo-monofilament up to 4-0 and monofilament from 5-0. Here the principle naturally applies that the finer the tissue to be sewn, the finer the thread should be.

Nowadays in plastic periodontal surgery and in microsurgery, surgeons often resort to the widely used monofilament suture. stoma®-medilene in 5-0, 6-0 or 7-0 is certainly the right choice for interdental suturing in confined spaces, for fixing down flaps or mucosal grafts for GTR, tunnelling techniques, etc. There is the choice of stoma®-pga or stoma®-pga rapid for a specific absorption.

Brand new in the range: stoma® PTFE black! The black needle improves the visibility in the surgical field. The PTFE thread, a non-absorbable material of high biocompatibility, is flexible and adapts to the volume of the soft tissue which changes during the healing process.

stoma® precision needles made of stainless steel are a sure choice with their balanced hardness and they are available in all sizes and forms depending on the indications.

stoma®. With passion for perfection.