Periodontics / Periosurgery

For the supra- and subgingival removal of concretions in the treatment of periodontitis or gingivitis, we offer a variety of instruments for individual needs. Different types of scalers, universal and special curettes (e.g. Gracey) guarantee a precise finish and the complete removal of all supra- and subgingival concretions in non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy.

Grinding equipment tailored to these products ensures that these instruments remain in full working order for long-term use.

Modern concepts in regenerative and plastic periodontal surgery include a minimally invasive procedure to reduce the tissue trauma and improve the healing of the wound.

We have developed special instruments so that we may implement the most up-to-date, minimally invasive techniques, such as the papilla preservation flap technique, recession cover using the tunnel technique and surgical crown lengthening to attain an assured highest quality. Fine, delicate stoma® instruments such as periosteal elevators and chisels support accurate work under a magnifying glass or microscope.

stoma®. With passion for perfection.