District Administrator Bär gets an impression of Stoma / Storz am Mark

Almost exactly one year after the open day on the occasion of the 100th anniversary in 2019, Tina Storz-Mazzeo, managing director of the instrument manufacturer Stoma / Storz am Mark, and Martin Mazzeo, member of the management, welcomed District Administrator Stefan Bär and his personal speaker Julia Hager.

Due to overlapping dates and not least because of the corona pandemic, the company visit had to be postponed several times. After a brief presentation of the long-established company, of its structure and the extensive range in the dental sector, one of the main topics of discussion were the new legal requirements of the MDR (Medical Device Regulation).

The management and their visitors discussed these high requirements on medical device manufacturers in the EU and the effects on competitiveness in global exports. Martin Mazzeo expressed his appeal to politicians very clearly, namely to keep the extent of the regulatory requirements within limits and to tighten controls at importing companies on current or future requirements.

The changed conditions that have prevailed since March due to the corona pandemic also posed new challenges for the manufacturing company in Liptingen. However, thanks to the infection prophylaxis concept that was introduced for this purpose and the infrastructure that is always up-to-date, these hurdles have been overcome well. During the tour through the small and medium-sized family-owned enterprise, it became clear to the visitors that it has all departments of a fully integrated company and that the flat hierarchy enables short distances and flexible action. At the end of the tour, the management presented District Administrator Bär and Ms. Hager with a small gift and thanked them for their visit.