Professor Anton Sculean teaches modern therapy concepts

In Leipzig, a small group of enthusiastic participants was able to get to know therapy concepts that enable predictable results to be achieved.

They wanted to know more about the diagnosis and treatment of peri-implant infections. They also received an overview of the various surgical techniques used in plastic-aesthetic periodontal and peri-implant surgery. Professor Anton Sculean, a highly respected specialist and experienced user, was the speaker at this hands-on workshop from the stoma® Academy course series 2020. The size of the seminar room allowed the group of participants, which was deliberately kept small, to work with sufficient distance and mostly without a face mask. Disinfectants and all other necessary hygiene products were also sufficiently available.

After Prof. Sculean provided the theoretical part clearly in the morning, the participants enjoyed a delicious 3-course menu during their lunch break. Afterwards the participants were able to train their dexterity in four practical exercises on very well-prepared pig jaws. In the meantime, Prof. Sculean went through the ranks, answered individual questions and gave the participants assistance. Of course, the participants were able to extensively use and test the stoma®-sutures and instruments from the Concept of Bern as well as biomaterials from Geistlich.

Stoma developed the Concept of Bern in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dr. Anton Sculean, M.S., Director of the Clinic for Periodontology at the University of Bern. It consists of various sets of instruments for current non-surgical, surgical and plastic-aesthetic techniques such as tunneling technique, recession coverage and soft tissue management.

Please find further course dates for hands-on workshops in 2020 here or on Facebook.